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Coco C.

I worked with David recently and thought he was great to work with. He was very responsive and helped the transaction move smoothly. I look forward to working with him again.


Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and informative. After discussing what our housing needs were, he found our current home for us. Very impressive knowledge of the area, and what to expect of the process.

Max A.

David just (September 2017) got us into an ideal house on a beautiful street in San Leandro, CA for way less then we thought we'd had to pay. His attention to detail, personal touch and service was exceptional. It seems like everyone we know has a Bay Area real estate horror story, our experience was the complete opposite. It took less than two-months of looking to find an amazing house with David. He listened to us carefully as to understand our needs and vision for a house. Can't wait to have David over after we move it! Can't recommend this guy enough.

Patrick C.

I was referred to David from a friend to help sell my house. He did an exceptional job to make sure everything went smooth. He had great knowledge about the real estate market for my area in Alameda County. Stand up guy and I want to thank him again for helping me with my home sale!

Paige L.

This post is way over due! Search no more! David is by far the best Realtor I've ever worked with hands down. My partner and I have been buying and selling homes since 2010 and David is the most diligent, honest, trust worthy, will tell you how it really is, opinionated (in a great way of course), detailed, informative, filled with knowledge, and very helpful being hands on helping to pick out the perfect interior paint and the perfect plants for the front and back yard. I can not say anything bad about him. He works hard to get us scheduled into his busy week whenever we need him and he's become part of the family now. Our son calls him uncle David. My partner and I are definitely lucky to have found him. Or should I say we're lucky he found us!! . I would definitely refer him to family and friends because I know he'll take great care of them in every way possible and for their best interest!

Mike A.

We have known David for 10 years. He led the search for our first Oakland home between June 2009 and April 2010. With his guidance we found a good fit and remodeled it. He gave us a lot of very helpful ideas on the remodel as well as several very good contacts for people to help with the remodel. In 2019 it became clear we were ready to move to Rossmoor. David once again led the effort to market our house. He took care of coordinating the staging, the painting, some minor remodel tasks and even getting the pergola fence that blew down during a 24 mile an hour wind gust removed and the area tidied up. During the negotiation process his expertise lead to us exceeding our target sales price. He is a great communicator and someone who you can trust and can be relied on to be there for you. He excels at attention to detail. He knows the market quite intimately.

Bart H.

David is the best realtor I've ever encountered. He single handedly changed my opinion of realtors from "a necessary evil" to "an invaluable resource". His knowledge of the local market got my wife and I into the perfect house for us (and within our budget!) in Montclair in Oakland. He worked with us for close to a year to make that happen, ultimately finding this listing for us that we had overlooked from our automated searches. During that year, he managed to stay unfailingly optimistic and patient, which saved us from getting too dejected with the very difficult process of buying a house in the Bay Area. And then he managed to put together the perfect listing that sold our old house for more than we ever imagined. We were only able to prep the house in a very compressed timeframe and for a very reasonable budget because of his immense network of contractors, inspectors, stagers, and more. We owe our successful real estate experience 100% to David's knowledge, expertise, experience, and his above and beyond customer service.

Marjo C.

We cannot say enough good things about David! He has made the home buying and selling process as painless as it could be for us, which is no easy task. We have gone full circle with him, he helped us look for and buy our first home in 2005, and again was invaluable to us when we sold it a couple of months ago. During both those times, he provided solid, knowledgeable advice, and was extremely accessible pretty much any time, day, night, or weekend. He truly listened and thoroughly addressed each and every concern we had, no matter how small. He has great vision and has an impressively accurate pulse on the market. But most importantly, he was a partner to us in every sense of the word, he is never just out for the commission, nor only concerned about how quickly he can turn a customer regardless of whether or not he got the best deal for them. He treated us with the utmost care, and I can honestly say that I don't think we could have had a better experience with any other realtor in the East Bay. David, thank you so much for everything!

Thomas D.

Honored to be the first to review David as I can't recommend him highly enough. I was referred by a friend last year when I began the process of buying my first home. To say I was nervous about the process is an understatement. When I met David, I only knew I wanted to buy in Oakland and that I had no clue how much of a house I could afford or what type of neighborhood I wanted to live in. The first thing Dave did was assure me that I wasn't alone and based on our initial conversation, I knew more than I thought. After that, he gave me a few ideas of who to talk to in order to figure out how much of a house I could really afford. He didn't try and push me on a buddy or anything that would of turned me off. Instead, I was given a few choices or reputable lenders and I took it from there. By the time I had a sense of how much I could afford, David had already come up with a game plan for finding me a home. Once underway, the single best thing David did for me was listen. He listened to things I wasn't even aware I was saying and he showed me houses that didn't just fit the high end of my budget, but he showed me houses that were exactly what I wanted even if I couldn't articulate it to him. I never felt like he was showing me a house that I would never live in (aka wasting my time). Then came crunch time. Because of David's extensive knowledge of the Oakland area and his sense of the market, we were able to quickly put an offer on a house I loved. Alas, we just missed. I don't like being 2nd in anything, but just going through that process showed me that it wasn't so daunting and really helped focus in on a very specific neighborhood. The next time we nailed it and I felt it was all due to David's expertise in the market I was offering in. He showed me a house that I loved, but didn't think I could buy based on market conditions and the list price. David felt differently and we wrote an offer I could afford with the best terms I could give. Accepted! I've never felt such a sense of satisfaction to receive that call. Honestly, it was one of the best days of my life and I almost didn't offer. David didn't stop there though. He took every call/email/text I sent and responded in a way that made me forget I wasn't his only client. He was there when I got the keys and he has been by three of four times in the last year just to see how it is going. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) my family is on the verge of growing more than planned. In the next couple of years I will need an agent to both sell this and buy a new one. It is already a relief to know my agent is at the ready.

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